Marilyn Manson Joins Kanye West On Stage As One Of The ‘Cancelled’ Musicians

Kanye West recently gave another listening party for his new album with his mother’s name, ‘Donda.’ At the listening party, West was standing on stage with Marilyn Manson and DaBaby.

West’s listening party was in a replica of his hometown in Soldier Field Chicago, and he was standing at the patio of the replica of a church from his hometown. At the listening party, West was joined by Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, both known as violent and offensive towards women and LGBTQ+ people.

Manson is currently facing approximately 15  lawsuits for sexual assaults and violence, including from Evan Rachel Wood and Esme Blanco, who came forward and told their stories to the world. Although Manson denied all of the allegations, the lawsuits suggest otherwise.

DaBaby, on the other hand, received a lot of criticism when he made homophobic statements during Miami’s Rolling Loud Festival. He asked the audience members to put their lights in the air if they do not have HIV/AIDS. He then gave false information about sexually transmitted diseases and offended LGBTQ+ individuals. His statement received a lot of backlash, including from musicians like Elton John.

After being lynched on social media, DaBaby released an apology on his Instagram account. Perry Farrell accepted his apology stating that the world can only become a better place if we all learn to forgive. Farrell encouraged other people to forgive DaBaby so he can grow to be better. However, DaBaby’s apology post is now unavailable because he deleted it.

Thus, the fact that Kanye decided to get on stage to promote his new record with a metalhead and rapper who are both harshly criticized by millions was pretty surprising. For this listening party in Chicago, West did not require a negative PCR test or proof of vaccination from the audience.

Nonetheless, bearing in mind his previous statements, it is no surprise that Kanye invited both of these men to join him at his listening party. Firstly, he’s a passionate supporter of conservative politics and might be on the same side as Manson and DaBaby on various topics. Furthermore, West was also accused of sexual assault by over 25 women.