Marilyn Manson Shares A Sneak Peek From His New Role In The Third Season Of ‘American Gods’


Iconic singer Marilyn Manson shared a video of from third season of the TV show named ‘American Gods’ via Instagram stories and excited fans with his new role as ‘Johan Wengren.’

As you may know, besides his impressive career in music, Marilyn Manson also has many achievements in the film and television industry. His first appearance on the silver screen was with his role in David Lynch‘s well-known film, ‘Lost Highway.’

As he took part in various productions over the course of many years, Manson received compliments for his portrayal of the character named Ron Tully in the final season of the famous TV series, ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ Earlier this year, Marilyn also appeared on another TV series, ‘The New Pope,’ as a guest star.

Back in 2019, Manson was announced to be in the cast of well-known TV series ‘American Gods’ for its upcoming third season. It is a show based on Neil Gaiman’s novel with the same name and depicts the story of the conflict between the Old Gods and the New Gods.

In the new season of ‘American Gods,’ Marilyn Manson will portray Johan Wengren who is the bloodthirsty singer of a Viking death metal band, Blood Death. Johan will be the source of power for the character named Mr. Wednesdey who is in war with the New Gods.

In his recent Instagram story, Manson posted a sneak peek video of the upcoming season of ‘American Gods’ which was shared by the official Instagram account of the TV series which announced the release date of the new season, January 10th. Even though Manson didn’t write anything as a caption to his post, fans got carried away with the upcoming appareance of metal music icon on TV once again.

You can see Marilyn Manson’s Instagram story and watch the video below.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Manson – Instagram