Corey Taylor Says His ‘Musical Hero’ David Bowie Was Ahead Of His Time

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently spoke about the pop music icon David Bowie in an appearance on Doug Bradley’s Down To Hell. The musician gave the reason he is one of his musical heroes and proudly showed his Bowie tattoo.

Slipknot is a nu-metal band where Corey Taylor shocks his crowd with brutal vocals, aggressive music, and heavy sounds. Their music is not considered for everyone, but they have rhythms, and musicality to their sound. Their musical qualities are unlike many other nu-metal bands, which makes them stand out among other bands from their genre.

The band is mostly known for their stage costumes and masks to give a shock effect and add horror elements to their performance. They have been on the rock and metal scene since 1995 and are still considered a huge part of the music industry. Though they made a name themselves in the rock scene, every Slipknot member has somebody to admire and look up to as an idol. While it may come off strange at first glimpse, Taylor’s musical hero is David Bowie, despite his band’s genre.

In his recent interview, Taylor revealed his love and admiration for Bowie, mainly because he was an artist ahead of his time. If you ask him, not enough people appreciate the creative side of the musician when they are busy talking about his chameleonic aspects. He also showed the Bowie tattoo on his arm after admiring the icon for adapting anything and did this way before everybody else.

Taylor’s statement regarding Bowie follows:

“The thing that always bums me out when people talk about Bowie is that they talk about the fact that he was chameleonic and whatnot. He could blend in with anything. But what people don’t realize is that he was doing that stuff five years before anybody else was jumping on that like he was so ahead of his time that you listened to it in your way, we’re like, ‘Wait a minute, no, everybody else is being a chameleon to him.’ He’s always been one of my biggest musical heroes.”

You can watch the full interview below.