Grace McKagan Talks About Leaving The Pink Slips And Working On Solo


Guns N’ Roses star Duff McKagan’s daughter and also the former frontwoman of a pop-punk band named Pink Slips, Grace McKagan, has made a new interview with L’Officiel’s Sabrina Abbas and talked about leaving the band and her upcoming solo career.

Los-Angeles based band The Pink Slips has been founded back in 2013 and the group was active until last year. However, after releasing their latest single named Miles Away, 23-year-old star Grace McKagan has decided to part ways with the crew to focus on her own career. In the last month of 2020, Grace McKagan released the official music video of her latest song ‘Surrender’ and got excellent reviews from the critics.

In her latest interview, Grace McKagan admitted that she wrote the song two years ago while she’s having really serious issues with her mental and physical status. However, she has decided that it was the perfect time to release the song while the world is struggling with the coronavirus outbreak. She also talked about her future projects.

Let’s see what Grace said:

“I wrote the song almost two years ago, but I think now is the perfect time for it to come out. I hope some people can relate and won’t surrender to how crazy this year has been. I wrote the song when I was going through a really hard time. I was depressed, I gained 30 pounds, I was not treating my body the way I should, I was in a relationship that turned emotionally abusive, and I had lots of band members I thought were my best friends. I just felt really bad. And I felt guilty for my obvious privilege.

I felt like I didn’t deserve anything that I had, like who am I to have all this? What is my purpose for being here? Why am I alive? I was having a crisis. So I wrote the song because I was suffering from heartbreak in many different ways, and these lyrics represented how I wanted to see myself and how I wanted to believe in myself again.”

She continued:

“Writing the song was very therapeutic, but the process was actually pretty happy and I had fun writing it with Blues and Isaac. In the process of writing all these songs I was so fortunate to fall in love with Blues at the same time, and we bonded and connected over these lyrics so it ended up being a beautiful process. I’ve been really eager and excited to share this song and the other songs we have to come.”

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