Lzzy Hale Names The Artist She Would Love To Collaborate Both Sexually And Musically

Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale has recently started a question and answer event on her Twitter account. When one of her fans asked her to name an artist that she wished to be with, she unveiled a late musical legend with whom she wanted to have a relationship and collaborate for her musical projects.

As you have already known, Halestorm released their latest fourth studio album, ‘Vicious’ on July 27, 2018. The album received very positive reviews from fans and music critics. It reached number eight on the Billboard 200 also peaked at both the U.S. and UK Rock Albums charts. Its songs, ‘Black Vultures,’ ‘Skulls,’ and ‘Uncomfortable’ became very popular.

After Halestorm’s frontwoman announced that she was working on the band’s new works, a fan wanted her to produce brand new works to bring the golden days of Halestorm back instead of covering other people’s songs. Hale answered this comment stating that they always aimed to create new and original songs and albums throughout the musical career of Halestorm.

Recently, she has written a tweet to declare that the fans can ask her questions with the AskLzzyAnything hashtag. Then, a fan asked her to give the name of a late legendary musician with whom she wanted to collaborate musically and sexually. She chose Janis Joplin, who died at the age of twenty-seven because of overdose, and she said that she would be an amazing girlfriend and singer.

A fan asked:

“Name the one artist no longer with us that you wish you could have collaborated with… Musically, of course. Ok, sexually too.

Lzzy responded:

Janis Joplin. She’d be a great singer… And lover.”

You can see the tweets below.