Mick Jones Wants To Make Peace With Lou Gramm After Foreigner’s Rock Hall Induction

According to Mick Jones, there is no bad blood between him and Lou Gramm.

In an email he recently sent to Billboard, the musician shared his feelings about being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the class of 2024. Jones revealed that he would be cool with Gramm’s attendance at the ceremony:

“On a personal level, I have no hard feelings toward Lou. We did perform together at the 40th anniversary concert. It has been so many years now since Lou left Foreigner; I like to think that those ill feelings are in the past. There is power in letting go of hard feelings and getting on with your life.”

Jones Wants To Enjoy Being Inducted

Then, he talked about his desire to be there at the induction ceremony:

“Why carry the burden of hard feelings? It serves nothing in the long run. I do plan to attend. I’m sure my whole family will be there. As to whether I get up on stage and perform hasn’t really been decided as yet. In some ways, it might be nice just to be there to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy being inducted.”

Foreigner Received Help With A Campaign

Foreigner came third in the Rock Hall’s fan vote this year, with over 527,000 votes, after Dave Matthews Band and Peter Frampton. Jones’ son-in-law, Mark Ronson, led a video campaign featuring names like Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and Paul McCartney to help Foreigner get their induction. Ronson wrote the following in his Instagram post:

“Everything that made me want to be a record producer came from being in the studio watching Foreigner make records. I’m still completely in awe of the sound of those first five albums. Guitars with swagger and bite. Heavy drums that groove like a mutha with the bass. Wide layers of synths. And then there’s that voice. And those songs. It’s really crazy. It’s also kind of crazy that this is the first time they’ve ever been on the ballot for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – after 20 years of eligibility.”

In a chat with Billboard last month, Gramm spoke about their nomination after more than two decades of eligibility:

“I was not feeling good that our peers were in years ago and we were completely neglected. I personally had given up that we would ever be considered. I didn’t even think about it anymore, to be honest with you. So [the nomination] was a big surprise to me.”

After the announcement, Gramm took to Instagram to celebrate Foreigner’s induction to the Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will take place on October 19 in Cleveland. Foreigner is currently on a farewell tour that might go on until 2025.