Gene Simmons Reacts To A Follower Who Claims The Rule By Fear Is Alarming In The U.S.


KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons shared a couple of tweets on Twitter to reply to one of his followers who claims that the government is trying to rule people by using the fear method.

Initially, Gene Simmons shared the devastating news about the deaths caused by the coronavirus and total cases in California. According to this post, one person dies every three and a half minutes due to coronavirus in the state.

However, it seems like one of the followers of Simmons doesn’t believe this news. He replied to Gene’s tweet by saying that rule by fear is alarming and claimed that the government is just releasing this news to create fear among citizens.

However, Gene Simmons wasn’t on the same page with his follower and said that it is so idiotic to be ruled by lies and ignorance. In this way, Simmons tried to explain his fan that he was lied to by the conspiracy theorists.

Here is what Gene Simmons wrote as he shared the news about coronavirus:

“No comment. Simply reprinting TODAY show item.”

A fan of Gene replied:

“Gene, the rule by fear is alarming.”

To which Gene Simmons responded:

“Rule by fear is alarming, as you say. Rule by lies and ignorance is idiotic and unAmerican. I’m sure you agree.”

You can check out the post below.