Ozzy Osbourne Says Eric Clapton Hasn’t Sounded So Good In Years

The metal legend Ozzy Osbourne discussed his latest record ‘Patient Number 9,’ and explained how Eric Clapton‘s guitar riffs were a great addition to the album during an interview with The Klinger Show.

Even though the Prince of Darkness has been struggling with his health issues and battling Parkinson’s, he has remained an active figure in the music industry. The rocker had performed with Tony Iommi at the Commonwealth Games and his appearance had surprised the audience as well as himself.

The recent reunion with Iommi re-ignited Osbourne’s desire to perform live again, and he has since announced his goal is to get back on the stage. His latest studio album, ‘Patient Number 9,’ was only released on September 9. During a recent conversation, Osbourne discussed his new record and its creative process. He also commented on Eric Clapton, whose guitar riffs were featured on the album.

Clapton accompanied Ozzy Osbourne for the song, ‘One of Those Days,’ and his parts were described as ‘f*cking awesome’ by Ozzy. When the host asked Osbourne about the guitarist’s role in the album and whether Clapton elevated his guitar riffs, he replied that Eric Clapton didn’t need to elevate his riffs as the guitarist tried to create a sound similar to his Cream years. Ozzy exclaimed that he hasn’t heard Slowhand sound so good in years.

Osbourne stated:

”Clapton sounds f*cking awesome. It’s [Clapton elevating his guitar riffs] not what he was doing. It’s more inclined to what he was doing in a Cream song. He plays a ‘Volvo’ guitar which is, f*cking, has been known for years. I haven’t heard him sound so good in f*cking years.”

You can listen to the entire interview and ‘One of Those Days’ down below.