The Truth About Courtney Love’s Love Triangle With Kurt Cobain And Billy Corgan

The musician Courtney Love has almost always been mentioned along with Kurt Cobain ever since her turbulent and tragic relationship with him. The couple’s relationship was even the subject of several documentaries and books. However, it has been known that she had dated Billy Corgan prior to her relationship with Kurt Cobain and left Corgan to be with him.

Courtney was together with Billy Corgan at the time she had a crush on Cobain. She later claimed that Corgan had kind of lost her at some point that time, and remained true to him while she had feelings towards Cobain and despite the fact that Corgan had left her. Even though their relationship ended decades ago, it seems the pair have continued to work together in a professional manner for a time.

Despite her love for Cobain, Courtney Love is often blamed for Cobain’s tragic death. While some sources believe that she murdered him, others claim that she was the one who made him use drugs. Although none of these seem to be verified, they left behind a legendary love story to be told over the years.

Courtney Love’s Love Triangle With Billy Corgan And Kurt Cobain

Before her passionate relationship with Kurt Cobain started in 1991, Courtney was in a romantic relationship with Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman, Billy Corgan.

In the Cobain documentary ‘Montage Of Heck,’ she revealed that Cougan had lost her after he did not want to pay for her ticket home. She said back in those days when she and Kurt were platonic, Billy Cougan would not pay for her plane ticket back from Roskilde, so she took a ferry ride with the band Nirvana as the band had played with Smashing Pumpkins at that show. She said she had a crush on Kurt, adding that he was gorgeous and enigmatic. She also revealed that she was still dating Corgan at that time although she felt that he had lost him.

She then confessed that she flew to Chicago to sleep with Corgan although ended up with Cobain in the night. In the Omni Northstar Hotel, she ran into Cobain’s arms and claimed that their daughter Frances was made that night. The couple then married in 1992 while Courtney was already pregnant with a baby. According to some sources, Courtney was the one who introduced Cobain to heroin and they went on a binge of drugs. Before the birth of their daughter, the couple wanted to get clean, but they didn’t. Cobain then descended into a self-destruction stage and died at the age of 27 by suicide.

After the death of Kurt Cobain, Corgan and Courtney resumed their relationship in 2006. Courtney was even reported to give Cobain’s jacket to Cougan in some sources after Kurt Cobain’s death. Courtney and Cougan’s affair lasted for two years and ended by Corgan himself as he claimed it was not the same.

The Course of Courtney Love’s Relationship With Billy Corgan

Although their relationship has ended on serious terms, Billy Corgan and Courtney Love continued to work together for some time, collaborating for the album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ which was released under the name of Courtney’s band Hole in 2010. It seems Corgan regretted this partnership as he claimed that Courtney Love had used his songs without his consent because he didn’t give her permission and he has no interest in supporting her in any shape or form.

Later that year, after one of his tweets telling Courtney to go live off somewhere without Kurt Cobain’s money, Corgan continued to blast her with his tweets. Courtney compared dealing with him to a white-hot knife into the belly and later replied to his words saying she was sorry for provoking Corgan, not fighting back.

At a festival in Brazil in 2011, Courtney claimed that she was the inspiration for Corgan’s songs and Smashing Pumpkin’s iconic albums ‘Siamese Dream,’ ‘Mellon Collie,’ and the ‘Infinite Sadness.’ She even went on to say that she has the credit for the lines in the chorus of the Smashing Pumpkins hit ‘Disarm,’ which were ‘The killer in me is the killer in you.’

Corgan has moved on since his relationship with Courtney with two children of his own and has been married to Chloe Mendel. Moreover, in 2014, Courtney posted a picture of her, Corgan, and Marilyn Manson on her Instagram page along with the caption: ‘See all hatchets buried and true love never dies in the heart.’ However, the post has been removed since, so it is not clear whether they are on good terms or not.