Ted Nugent Recalls Explaining To Sammy Hagar Why He’s Not On The Top Guitar Players List

Ted Nugent shared a deleted scene from his conversation with former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar on Facebook. In the video, he revealed why he has never been featured in lists naming the best guitarists in the world.

As you may already know, Ted Nugent and Sammy Hagar have been close friends for years now and have contributed to each other’s music and TV projects. The Red Rocker was a special guest star in Nugent’s fourteenth studio album, ‘Shutup & Jam!’ and the duo performed one of the album’s tracks, ‘She’s Gone’ together.

Moreover, Nugent was a guest of Sammy Hagar’s show ‘Rock and Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar,’ during which Hagar interviewed legendary musicians such as Dave Grohl, Vince Neil, James Hetfield, and many more. During his appearance, Nugent shared his thoughts about various subjects with Hagar.

Ted recently posted a deleted scene from the show in which Hagar asked whether Nugent is targetted because of his spirituality. Nugent answered by saying that he was bothered about some people and the media’s dishonesty. He added that he has never been featured in the list naming the best guitar players because of his support for hunting, conservative politics, gun ownership, etc., and defined this as stupidity.

Here’s what Hagar asked Nugent:

“Do you ever feel you don’t get enough credit for your spirituality and what you do for nature, this country? Do you ever feel black-listed in certain realms of life because of your outgoing madness? Even your musicianship, energy, performance… You influenced me to the death but do you feel bothered?

Nugent responded:

“It doesn’t bother me as an individual. It bothers me as a human that other humans get dishonest not to admit what they know is true about me. However, with the social media, I have millions of wonderful, intelligent, positive people. They know what I do. I don’t do things to be known for doing things. I do things cause they are the right things to do. 

I see the list of top guitar players in the world. I see guys that I have never heard of. I know I’m under because I’m against the dope or because I’m on the board of directors of NRA or I murdered Bambi. I know what hate looks like, what stupidity looks like. Rather, there was honesty about all different types of social, political, spiritual, religious concerns. I like people to be honest about what they represent, not just me but for anybody who does something good.

For example, we donate tons of sacred organic venison to charities every year. I don’t want credit for that, but I like the society know that the hunters of America provide millions of quality venison to the families in America.

The media won’t do that because of so much dishonesty but I have such good friends like you that know what I’m made of, what I represent. I don’t need any outside acknowledging. Because quite honestly, when I get in here playing my guitar, I know I’m a bad mother f’cker.”

Consequently, it seems that Ted Nugent will keep defending the benefits of hunting for both nature and humans even though he has been criticized because of that for a very long time. Also, he stated that he doesn’t need anyone to tell him he is a good guitar player because he knows he is the best.