Tommy Lee Launches OnlyFans After Instagram Took His Naked Picture Down

Tommy Lee recently announced during a Mötley Crüe show that he opened an OnlyFans account because Instagram didn’t let him have fun by taking his full-frontal nude down.

Although most of his fans are familiar with Tommy Lee’s stage antics and crazy acts, he recently made a controversial move by posting a naked picture online. According to Lee, he did this because he went on a bender. Many Crüe fans had already seen him naked due to his leaked sex tape with ex-wife Pamela Anderson, but this wasn’t something they were ready for.

Years after the sex tape incident, Lee decided to make it into a series and started working on his ‘Pam & Tommy.’ Before the release date, the drummer said he wanted to compete with the Kardashians because he and Anderson did a sex tape first. So, it’s safe to say Lee isn’t ashamed of making the headlines this way.

When Lee uploaded his full-frontal nude on Instagram on August 11, fans expected the social media platform to delete it immediately. However, the picture stayed there for several hours before Instagram took action. After it was deleted, Lee uploaded a drawing of the nude. When Instagram took it down again, Lee decided to put the picture on his Twitter.

During the last show of Mötley Crüe’s Stadium tour at Allegiant Stadium, Tommy Lee announced that he joined the celebrities who use OnlyFans. After unveiling his OnlyFans page in a recent tweet, Lee slammed Instagram for taking down his picture and preventing him from having fun.

Tommy Lee’s tweet read:

“You heard it here tonight! Come join me over there for fun that Instagram won’t let us have here!”

You can check out Tommy Lee’s tweet and watch his video from the show below.