Paul Stanley Shows How He’s Protecting His Guitars While Traveling For KISS Concerts

KISS co-founder and lead singer Paul Stanley posted a tweet about the guitar cases he has been using for a long time on his Twitter account and thanked Calton Cases for making a virtually indestructible case for his guitar.

KISS legend Paul Stanley often takes his Twitter account to share his reactions to various social and political matters happening around the world. Stanley also uses the platform to announce and share details about his new projects as well as giving recommendations on different products that he personally uses for years.

Recently on Twitter, Paul Stanley posted a picture of himself with his guitar, The Rose, which was built by Master Luthier Jim Olson. In his tweet, Paul mentioned the case he has been using to protect this special guitar for a long time.

Stanley shouts out to the brand named Calton Cases and thanked them for making such a virtually indestructible case to protect his guitar during KISS tours and concerts. He mentioned that when he was looking for a strong case, the brand’s name kept coming up, and apparently, he thinks he made the right decision. Paul also stated that Calton Cases is building the best custom instrument cases available in the market.

Here is what Paul Stanley stated in his latest tweet:

“A Long Overdue Shout Out To Calton Cases! When Master Luthier Jim Olson built The Rose for me, I needed a case that was virtually indestructible to protect it. Calton’s name kept coming up and YES, they build the best custom instrument cases available.”

You can see the tweet Paul Stanley posted on his Twitter account below.