Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Says Frank Zappa Is His Musical Inspiration

In a recent Reddit post from Imagine Dragons’ official account, Dan Reynolds revealed that the Mothers of Invention’s icon and famous musician Frank Zappa has greatly influenced him while composing and writing his songs.

Frank Zappa can be defined as a milestone figure of the rock scene, known for his experimental approach to music. Zappa composed and wrote songs in various genres such as rock, pop, jazz, jazz fusion, and orchestral. Also, he combined classic rock and roll, improvised and studio-generated sound collages in both his solo works and the Mothers of Invention’s records.

Zappa’s extraordinary style as a musician inspired not only his contemporaries but also the next generations of composers and songwriters. As one of them, Dan Reynolds took Zappa and his records as an example when he started his professional musical career as a songwriter and vocalist.

Dan Reynolds recently shared a post on Reddit to unveil that his muses are Buddy Holly, Frank Zappa, Warren Zevon, Weird Al., B.A. McKee. He said they have helped him a lot in his songwriting process, and it seems to have worked. The band’s fans also agreed with his list and praised Reynolds’ musical inspirations.

Here’s what Reynolds wrote on Reddit:

“Buddy Holly, Frank Zappa, Warren Zevon, Weird Al. -B.A. McKee.”

You can see the post below.