Tommy Lee’s Controversial Social Media Posts Explained


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Tommy Lee‘s name? The answer can differ from one person to another according to the way that they use social media, but sometimes, it isn’t music. Even though Lee gained fame and commercial success with his career as Mötley Crüe’s drummer, the most notorious band in the world, he has rarely made the headlines with his musical projects over the years.

The most known part of Lee’s life is his tumultuous relationship with model and actress Pamela Anderson, which reached its highest popularity when the couple’s sex tape was stolen from their house. From this recording, his fans understood that Lee loved to live on the edge and enjoyed adventures. However, nowadays, tapes can be considered old-fashioned, so the Mötley Crüe drummer found a more contemporary way to express himself.

Tommy Lee’s One-Of-A-Kind Instagram Account


A musician’s social media posts usually promote their upcoming and latest works, collaborations, concerts, and tours. However, Tommy Lee has always been the antonym of ordinary and has attempted to reflect on his official Instagram account. Apart from his personal life and performances, the drummer recently posted interesting photos which didn’t surprise his longtime followers.

Some were memes, mostly sexual ones such as Buddha holding a banana or an elephant asking a question about a man’s penis. Therefore, his fans started to comment on these photos, saying that Lee’s weird post era had begun again. The most controversial one was shared on August 11, which was a full-frontal nude. The musician didn’t write a caption for it, and Instagram or Lee himself removed it from his account a short time later.

The photo is still on his Twitter account, and no one knows how long it will stay there. Lee’s nude has been on countless magazine websites’ headlines worldwide. His wife and internet personality Brittany Furlan shared her views about her husband’s controversial social media usage.

Tommy Lee’s Wife Brittany’s Reaction To The Posts


After his nude was taken down from Instagram, Tommy Lee shared its drawing without further explanation. Brittany Furlan wrote ‘Help’ in the comment section of the infamous post, and it split the Instagram followers in two. Some described it as a call for help, while others thought it was a funny reaction.

Many social media users and music journalists questioned Lee’s mental health, which they claimed was deteriorating, and showed the recent posts as proof. Furlan answered and mocked these claims with a new TikTok video. In the video, she sees a notification about her husband and suddenly screams when she learns what that is. It probably insinuates that Lee isn’t going crazy and that that’s just Tommy Lee being himself.