Kerry King Shares Jeff Hanneman’s Final Wish About Slayer

Kerry King of Slayer has recently spoken out about the death of Jeff Hanneman, his former bandmate.  King, speaking to Metal Hammer, mentioned his bandmate’s last wish before his death:

He wanted nothing more than to come back and be onstage and perform. And he was progressing, but not far enough to where he could nail the fast stuff. We were like, ‘Listen dude. Everyone wants you to be playing with us, but we gotta have you performing at the level that everybody’s used to seeing you at.’”

Having missed several shows and tours due to alcohol-related health reasons and skin disease between 2011 and 2013, Hanneman was thought to be getting better. King explained:

“It’s crazy because he was actually getting better. Personally, I think that had he gone forward for a couple more weeks and not been drinking, maybe he would have gotten back to where he needed to be to do an entire Slayer show again. We always thought he would come back. It just never materialised.”

The guitarist went on hiatus due to health problems in 2011. In the same year, he returned to the stage to play two songs with Slayer in California, not knowing it would be his last performance with the band.

Despite having passed away, Hanneman still contributed to the song ‘Piano Wire’ from the album ‘Repentless’, with King confirming that his bandmate did not play on the song, but wrote the music.

You can listen to the track down below.