Courtney Love Explains Why She Isn’t Worried For Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love recently shared an Instagram post and opened up about her religious rituals as a Buddhist. The singer also talked about the religious ceremony she conducted after Kurt Cobain‘s death and the reason she doesn’t worry about her late husband.

Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and his widow Courtney Love had one of the most notorious relationships in rock music. The couple gained recognition for their excessive substance abuse and legendary love story in the middle of this chaotic lifestyle.

After living her life with substance addiction, Courtney Love went public about her religious beliefs years ago and said that Buddhism helped her bloom his career and private life soon after she turned to it. The singer revealed that she used Buddhist doctrines to overcome her drug problems. She thinks Buddhist practices work to help her lead a better life.

In her latest Instagram post, Courtney Love revealed being a member of Soka Gakkai, a global Buddhist organization since 1988. The Hole icon wrote it might be hard for some people to believe her strong dedication to the religion, yet she has been an avid performer of the doctrines for years.

Love expressed that she took refuge in Buddhism in every challenging process. Then, the signer also said Kurt Cobain also chanted, and she convened a lot of kids into their house after Cobain’s passing. They chanted for the late rocker for days. Their daughter, Francis, was also there the whole time. After many years with her religious rituals, Love admitted that she isn’t worried about Cobain wherever he is.

The IG post of Courtney Love read:

“I’ve been an enshrined member of Soka Gakkai since 1988. A lot of people don’t know that I’m a Buddhist or that I chant the lotus sutra because I’m not a poster child for what a deeply religious Buddhist is supposed to present. But even when things have looked as horrible as possible, internally, or as a public person, even when my Google (how truly! tragic that we’ve collectively allowed google to decide all of our reputations). So, I’ve been chanting.

I chant at the peaks of defamation by the lawsuit. Of the worst addictions, the most scandalous sh*t, I chant some more. I chant public humiliation. I chant. Got too drunk and punch someone? I chant. Nothing can or will ever dent my faith in the lotus sutra as a member of Soka Gakkai international. My mentor is Daisaku Ikeda, with my millions of other Buddhist sisters and brothers in Soka Gakkai, UK, and the US. Our precious members in the 192 countries we now practice in.”

She continued:

“People don’t know I practice (tho I’ve always been vocal about it) or that Kurt chanted or that when he died in Seattle, I let all the kids from the park into our house as long as they chanted for him to my Gohonzon (& that Anulka Kitamura and Kate Hungerford sat with those grieving kids). They chanted round the clock for days for Kurt, where we had held Frances and chanted himself.

Or my friend Harry Brandt chanted with me & with Sputnik, the Band up in Greenwich, with his mother Stephanie Seymour and his sister Lily Brant and my dear friend and musical mentor, Hal Wilner often chanted with me and loved it. Most film actors I know do diamoku before a big scene. They all know it brings the big mojo (pure life force); the correct Buddhist terminology is ‘Ichinen Sanzen’ = ‘3000 life realms in a single moment of life.’ Because of this, I am not worried in the slightest for Kurt, Harry, Hal, or any of my loved ones.”

You can also check out the photo she posted below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram