Paul Stanley Explains Why KISS Is Still Relevant And The Secret Behind Their Success, ‘We Do What The Fans Want’

KISS frontman and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley recently gave an interview to Giselle Fernandez from Spectrum News 1, and talked about his personal life, the success that he and the iconic band achieved, and most importantly, their relationship with their devoted fan base.

As you know KISS was founded back in 1973 by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, who later on recruited Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. The band achieved mainstream success in just a couple of years and by the mid-’70s they were doing worldwide tours, and their fan base was getting bigger every day.

With a career that spans almost five decades, with 30 gold records and over 100 million album sales, KISS has come to be known as one of the most successful bands in rock history. In his recent interview, Paul Stanley revealed the secret behind the band’s success and the reason why they are still considered to be relevant.

During the interview, when asked about how the band has managed to remain relevant, Paul Stanley said that while some made fun of their music and thought what they were doing was ‘moronic,’ they were actually trying to do something ‘pretty deep.’ The concepts that they explored in their music were self-empowerment, celebrating life, and self-motivation for success, which were and ‘will be relevant in another 40 or 50 years.’

Then, the interviewer went on to ask Stanley about KISS not as a band but as a brand. She asked whether KISS’s success as a brand was organic or well-planned since day one. To this, the rockstar replied by saying that both he and Gene Simmons have grown up in such a way to have a strict work ethic. Furthermore, most of the credit should go to their fans as they created everything by taking into consideration their fans’ wishes.

The interviewer asked [transcribed by RC]:

“Why do you think you’re as relevant today as you’ve ever been?”

To which Paul Stanley responded:

“What people thought was moronic about what we were doing was pretty deep. The truth is, we’ve always sung about things that are timeless. We’ve always sung about self-empowerment, we’ve sung about celebrating life. We’ve sung about motivating yourself to be successful. That was relevant 40 or 50 years ago, it will be relevant in another 40 or 50 years.”

The interviewer went on to ask:

“Was KISS organic or you and Gene Simmons were you always keenly tuned into how to build a brand over 2000 licenses, all your derivative merchandizing? Was it something that you grew and evolved with?

And the KISS icon replied:

“So, the idea of being marketing geniuses, it’s just not so. Gene and I share a very strong work ethic and that’s probably due to our upbringing and our parents who came here under adverse conditions, to say the least, where it was fleeing the holocaust or enduring being a part of the holocaust.

And if anything, we’ve listened, we’ve had very acute hearing when our fans have told us what they want, we do it.”

You can listen to the interview through Spotify below.