The Unfortunate Fate Of Eric Clapton’s Children

Although many fans are under the impression that famous musicians lead a happy life with no worries thanks to their fame and financial status, the truth is somewhat different. Many artists struggle with mental health issues rooted in their difficult childhood, the tragedies they were exposed to, or their difficulty handling fame and attention. For instance, Korn’s Jonathan Davis has been battling with depression, PTSD, and anxiety resulting from being sexually abused as a child. He tries to channel his feelings into Korn’s songs and find relief in music.

On the other hand, Rush’s Geddy Lee and KISS icon Gene Simmons share the same fate as they are the children of parents who survived the Holocaust. Lee’s parents met in a Nazi work camp and saw the horror of the Auschwitz, Dachau, and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. Gene Simmons’ mother also experienced the same tragedy in Nazi concentration camps and tried to hold the Simmons family together when her husband left them.

Eric Clapton has been married twice, and he now has five children. His first wife was Pattie Boyd Harrison, with whom he had no children. His second wife was Melia McEnery, and they had three daughters named Julie Rose, Ella Mae, and Sophie. The musician’s eldest child is his daughter Ruth, and he also had a son named Conor. Although Eric Clapton now maintains a good relationship with his children, they share an unfortunate fate.

How Is Eric Clapton’s Relationship With His Children?

Eric Clapton released his song ‘Tears In Heaven’ in 1992. After its release, the song became his best-selling single. Despite its success, ‘Tears In Heaven’ had a tragic meaning for Clapton. In 1979, the musician married Pattie Boyd, but it wasn’t a happy marriage. While they were still together, Clapton had an affair with Lory Del Santo, and she got pregnant. Pattie Boyd filed for divorce shortly after learning about this incident.

Lory Del Santo gave birth to Clapton’s son Conor in 1986. Sadly, Conor passed away at four due to an unfortunate accident. He fell out of his bedroom window from the 53rd floor, which was left open. Eric couldn’t cope with this tragedy, so he tried to express his feelings in the song ‘Tears In Heaven.’ At that time, his daughter Ruth helped Clapton to get over the tragic accident. According to him, Ruth was the reason he was holding on to life.

While he was still married to Pattie Boyd, Clapton had another affair with Yvonne Kelly. Kelly was also married at that time, but they had their daughter Ruth Kelly Clapton in January 1985. However, Ruth’s existence was hidden from the public until 1991, when the media realized Ruth was actually Clapton’s daughter. Nonetheless, they managed to form a father-daughter relationship and support each other in bad times.

According to Ruth, she and Clapton didn’t talk for six years because his father didn’t want her to post his personal life on social media. Apparently, Clapton wasn’t pleased to see himself playing music in a Kermit costume on his daughter’s social media accounts. The two then reconciled when Ruth went through a divorce in 2020 and eventually turned to Clapton for emotional support. She has continued to stand by her father’s side at all times possible.

The Bitter Truth Eric Clapton Wasn’t Aware Of

Eric Clapton himself also had a difficult childhood. He was born on March 30, 1945, in Ripley, Surrey, England, to Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer. His mother was 16 years old at the time of the marriage, while his father was 25. Fryer was a soldier, and he was drafted to war before Clapton’s birth. The musician sadly grew up believing his grandmother Rose was his mother, Rose’s second husband, Patricia’s stepfather was his father, and his mother was his older sister.

After some time, Clapton’s mother, Patricia, married another Canadian soldier and decided to move to Germany. To do so, she left Eric with his grandparents in Surrey. It was not until 2007 that Clapton learned more about his father, Edward Walter Fryer. Although the musician’s grandparents eventually told him the truth when he was nine, he had no idea who his father was. This deeply upset Eric, and he reflected his feelings in the 1998 song ‘My Father’s Eyes.’

Michael Woloschuk, a Montreal journalist, embarked on a search to find more about Eric’s father. Woloschuk researched Canadian Armed Forces service records and finally learned that Edward Walter Fryer was Clapton’s father, and he died from leukemia on May 15, 1985, in Newmarket, Ontario. As it turns out, Fryer didn’t know about Clapton either, and he was also a musician who played piano and saxophone.

So, Clapton was also born into a dysfunctional family. His mother, Patricia, wasn’t mature enough to raise a child when she gave birth to him, and his father didn’t consider their marriage a serious partnership. It’s safe to say that Ruth and Conor also shared a similar fate as their father also failed to take his familial relationships seriously.