Doug Robb Regrets Refusing A Rihanna Feature In A Hoobastank Song

Have you ever passed a huge opportunity that left you in regret? Well, it seems Doug Robb did so. Following Rihanna’s astonishing Superbowl show, Robb posted a tweet to reveal he refused a collaboration opportunity with Rihanna on a Hoobastank song.

Rihanna made the headlines with her hugely-anticipated return to the stage for the Superbowl halftime show. She gave a dazzling performance to the audience and rocked the stage despite being pregnant with her second child. Upon seeing Rihanna’s iconic show, Hoobastank frontman Doug Robb recalled something he now regrets.

In his recent tweet, Doug Robb posted a snippet of Rihanna’s halftime performance by replacing her ‘Rude Boy’ with Hoobastank’s ‘Crawling in the Dark’ and shared the story with the fans. According to the singer, Hoobastank had a song that featured Rihanna when she newly emerged on the scene. However, they had no foresight to use that version on the album.

It appears this wasn’t the only thing that Hoobastank lacked forethought about. Doug Robb also admitted that the band didn’t think their biggest hit, ‘The Reason,’ was good enough to become a single. Luckily, they made the right step and released the song as a single, which topped the charts at the time of its release.

Doug Robb’s tweet read:

“True story. There was a version of a Hoobastank song featuring Rihanna when she was a ‘newer’ artist. Displaying a total lack of foresight, we didn’t use that version of the song for the album. We also didn’t think ‘The Reason’ was a single, though. So… Oops.”

Speaking to Consequence, Doug Robb detailed why the band didn’t use the version with Rihanna. As the singer recalled, the song was ‘Inside of You,’ and Rihanna’s team rearranged a section for her to sing before the chorus. However, Hoobastank didn’t like that arrangement because it sounded different to them.

Here is what Doug Robb recalled:

“We gave Rihanna’s Camp a song called ‘Inside of You.’ I think they rearranged some of the music to create a section before the chorus that wasn’t originally part of the arrangement so she could sing a small part of it. We heard about it and didn’t really like it, so we kept using it. It is really that easy. I think we were already used to hearing the song the way it was written, so it just felt weird to us.”

After hearing about Doug Robb’s confession, his followers demanded to hear that version. However, Doug isn’t sure whether it would be legal to release that version now as a bonus track. So, at least for now, it seems unlikely to get a taste of the song.