Brian Welch Recalls What Ozzy Osbourne’s Wife Sharon Predicted About Korn’s Music Career

Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch talked about the conversation they had with Ozzy Osbourne’s wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, during a recent appearance on Bringin’ It Backwards Podcast.

In the conversation, Brian Welch revealed what happened after their self-titled debut album in 1994 and said that it was so successful that they went on the tour right away.

While Brian Welch was mentioning that they toured with the bands like Anthrax and Rage Against The Machine in their first tour at House of Pain and Biohazard, he also talked about the time when they toured with Ozzy Osbourne.

Brian Welch stated that Ozzy and Sharon brought an expensive wine into the dressing room and Sharon predicted their long-term success by saying that ‘you are going to do very well’ to the band members.

Interviewer asked:

“That was the first self-titled album that you guys got signed with? That record did amazing, did they put you on the road right away, have you played outside of California at that time?”

Brian Welch replied:

“Yeah, we went on the road right away, our first tour was House of Pain and Biohazard, hip-hop and metal mix, I think by that time it was like Anthrax and Public Enemy, they had done something, Rage Against the Machine was out so that House of Pain and Biohazard tour was a cool tour.

And we fit really well on it. We started getting some great responses from that tour, and then after that tour, we got the Megadeth tour, which was ’95, much bigger places.

After that, we got the Ozzy tour, which was arenas; I followed Ozzy and his old career and ‘blown away’ is an understatement, it was like, ‘How does a kid in Bakersfield, California, who just made it, open for Ozzy?’”

He continued:

“It doesn’t make sense, because Ozzy was my everything during like ’81, ’82, it was just Ozzy, Randy Rhoads, it was just everything to me.

And so I remember we went gold on that tour, and Sharon and Ozzy came to our dressing room and gave us some expensive wine and Sharon just predicted we’re gonna have a long career, she goes, ‘You’re gonna do very well’ – blown away, man.”

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