Nikki Sixx Explains What He Missed The Most During The Pandemic

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing the ultimate activity he missed doing during the coronavirus pandemic while also asking his fans what do they miss, apparently, Sixx wants to go to see a movie as it was the go-to date night for him and his wife, Courtney Sixx.

As we all know, there are things that nobody is still capable of doing due to the coronavirus pandemic such as every event that includes a gathering even if you apply social-distancing along with other precautions and restrictions. Therefore, there is always something that everybody misses at some point such as going to a concert, having a party, or go see a movie.

Recently, Nikki Sixx shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing what he missed the most during the coronavirus pandemic, apparently, it’s going to a theatre to see a movie with his wife, Courtney Sixx as it was their first option whenever they go on a date.

In addition to revealing what he misses the most, Sixx also asked his fans what do they miss and the most popular answer among his fans was to go to a live show, along with Sixx’s choice, going to the movies. Nonetheless, Sixx united his fans with his latest post, and many relieved thorough expressing their longing.

Here is what Sixx said:

“What do you miss? One thing I miss is going to the movies. That’s always a go-to date night for us.”

You can see the Twitter post below.