Eric Clapton’s Daughter Ruth Explains Why She Wasn’t Able To See Her Father

Ruth Clapton recently tweeted that she wanted to see her father Eric but was held in customs and couldn’t travel to the US to see him.

Ruth’s relationship with the successful singer grew stronger after her half-brother Conor died tragically by falling from the 53rd floor of an apartment in New York in 1991. Eric stated that Ruth was the reason he was holding on to life, and she was the person who helped him get over the tragic accident.

However,  they fell apart after an argument and didn’t talk for six years. The feud started when Ruth shared her father playing music in a Kermit costume on social media, and Eric didn’t like that. She said they stopped speaking after the singer told her that he is not okay with her posting his personal life on social media.

The two reconciled when Ruth decided to separate from her husband in 2020 and turned to her father for emotional support. Eric Clapton helped and still helping his daughter overcome her separation and emotionally supports her.

In her recent tweet, Ruth stated that she is having problems with the customs in the US, and she asked her followers to pray for her to be able to get into the country. She stated that because she booked her trip at the last minute, she had to fill an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation as soon as possible. She showed her desperation by mentioning that she hasn’t seen Eric for a very long time and she really wants to.

Here is her tweet asking her followers to pray for her:

“When you leave it to the last minute to sort going out to Austin, Texas to see your Dad and now you’re applying for an ESTA as soon as possible and praying customs will just let me go! Not seen him since April! Not since he played since February 2020! Everyone pray for me, please!”

In another tweet, three hours after that, she stated that she couldn’t make it to Austin/Texas, and she is furious about it. Ruth expressed her anger towards the US customs and told people to approach her with caution for a while.

Here is her other tweet:

“No trip to Austin for me to see my Dad, beyond gutted. Approach me with caution for the next 24-48 hours. US customs can double do one.

One of her followers asked her if she could catch up with him on his small Europe tour, but Ruth replied, revealing that she has to wait until October for him to be back home. Some people stated their sadness over the failed reunion of the father and the daughter.

You can see all her tweets below.