Eric Clapton Receives Some Cruel Comments About His Son’s Tragic Death, His Daughter Ruth Reacts


Eric Clapton’s daughter Ruth Clapton tweeted her thoughts on the news about Eric Clapton’s decision to support an anti-vax band financially. She then reacted to the cruel tweets about Clapton and the tragic death of his son in her Instagram stories.

As you may know, Eric Clapton reportedly donated £1,000 to an anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown music group named Jam For Freedom. Rolling Stones magazine commented on this news within an article and revealed the details. It turned out that Clapton also lent the group his van to help them continue their UK Tour.

Although Ruth Clapton had claimed her father is not an anti-vaxxer, this piece of news proved otherwise. However, upon seeing the article by Rolling Stone, Ruth stood behind her words and stated in a tweet that her father is not anti-vax but anti-no-choice. In the tweet, she also noted that the comments under the news article are a terrible read.

Ruth Clapton’s tweet read:

“Wow, this thread is a really horrible read. He hasn’t made racist statements since 1976, and he isn’t anti-vax, he’s an anti-no-choice. Our government has scrapped passports, isn’t that proof enough that they knew that forcing the vax on people so they could go to gigs, etc. wasn’t right?”

After Rolling Stones tweeted the news, some users shared their reactions. According to Ruth’s Instagram stories, one Twitter user brought up Clapton’s son’s death. They noted that Clapton used heroin for years, and the world doesn’t need him. The user also said they hope Eric learned to close the windows, referring to the musician losing his son after falling from a window on the 53rd floor.

Another user replied that Clapton wasn’t even there to close the window, and these insensitive comments were harshly criticized by many. On the other hand, one of Ruth’s followers supported her and said her father is a hero. They exclaimed that Clapton is a light in the darkness as he stands up for freedom of choice.

In her IG stories, Ruth shared her reaction to these tweets as well. She stated that she can’t sit still and say nothing when someone mentions her brother’s death in such a way. Ruth then said she is amazed by the cruelty of those people and their bravery to share these thoughts on social media. Moreover, she thanked her followers for their support and stressed that her father is not an anti-vaxxer once again.

The Twitter user’s tweet read:

“Clapton didn’t have an adverse reaction. He did heroin for years and has complained about his hands since the early 2000s. He is working the soft-minded people to dig up some kind of sick relevance in a world that 100% does not need him. Hopefully, he has also learned to close windows.

Ruth Clapton reacted to this in her Instagram story by saying:

“I don’t normally get involved, but when the thread looks like this and people start bringing the death of my brother into it, I can’t just sit by and say nothing…”

According to Ruth, another user commented on this tweet as:

This is disgraceful, he wasn’t even in the apartment to have closed that window. Shame on you for writing that.”

Ruth Clapton then continued:

“It amazes me that people can be so cruel and that they’d even have these thoughts, let alone air them on social media. It also amazes me that people still don’t understand his statement…”

Following that, Ruth shared a positive comment from a follower in her next story:

“Your dad is a hero. Not many celebrities standing up for freedom of choice these days. He is a light in the darkness. We stand with him.”

She then concluded her thoughts:

“Luckily, most of the responses I had looked like this, and most people get it. He is not anti-vax, he is anti-no-choice, as am I. He’s had the vax but he just doesn’t think it’s right that people should have to have it before they can attend a gig etc.

Our government has scrapped the passports, so why does Rolling Stone keep doing this? I don’t know. It’s like they won’t stop until he’s canceled. I don’t agree with cancel culture anyway, and especially over something like this, he has a right to his opinion and he’s talking from his experience. I have so many people in the DMs saying they support him, but they don’t come out and say it publically. That’s fair enough, I can understand why especially after yesterday.

Anyways, I’m fine, it didn’t penetrate because I’m used to this by now at the age of 36. Everything you say is being taken out of context and misquoted or misunderstood. It’s exhausting, but in the end, I just had to laugh it off and see that the majority of the responses were positive. The internet can be amazing, but it can also be awful. When that happens, you have to readdress your perspective.”

Below, you can check out Ruth Clapton’s tweet as well as snapshots of her Instagram stories.