Eric Clapton’s Financial Support For An Anti-Vax Group Is Revealed

Although Eric Clapton’s daughter Ruth claimed that her father is not an anti-vaxxer, it recently turned out that the singer financially supported an anti-vax music group.

Eric Clapton made the headlines after his decision not to perform in any venue which requires proof of vaccination. According to the singer, this regulation created a discriminated audience, and all fans should have the right to attend the shows. Therefore, the singer made it clear that he won’t perform unless everyone can attend his performances.

Furthermore, Eric Clapton released several songs to protest the pandemic restrictions. Recently, he dropped another protest song titled ‘This Has Gotta Stop’ to express his exhaustion. Clapton received a huge backlash from his fans and other musicians, such as David Crosby, Sting, Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor, who negatively reacted to his stance.

On the other hand, Clapton’s daughter Ruth also suffered from the consequences of her father’s statements. She consistently claimed that her father is not an anti-vaxxer but an anti-choice. However, considering the recent news, Ruth turned out to be wrong.

According to Rolling Stone, Eric Clapton reportedly donated £1,000 to an anti-lockdown music group named Jam For Freedom. He even lent them his van for their UK Tour. Moreover, Jam For Freedom’s founder Cambel McLaughlin told Rolling Stone that although he thought it might have been fake, he got a text from Clapton himself after the donation.

As reported by Rolling Stone, McLaughlin stated about the text message that:

“It was something complimentary, along the lines of, ‘Hey, it’s Eric — great work you’re doing.‘”

Jam For Freedom revealed Clapton’s donation on their Instagram account back in April. In the post, they thanked Clapton for his donation to repair the damage of their equipment after a police encounter. They were referring to the incident that happened at an anti-lockdown rally in Hyde Park on April 24.

Jam For Freedom’s Instagram post read:

“Rock N’ Roll legend Eric Clapton donates 1k to Jam For Freedom.

Delighted to announce one of the greatest modern musicians alive has helped us stay afloat after damage to our equipment from police recklessness on Saturday. Eric Clapton’s achievements and accolades are never-ending and this shows how the great work we are all doing is getting noticed.”

Moreover, in another post, the group announced on May 14 that Clapton lent them his bus so that they could continue touring. The band then exclaimed they will continue his legacy, and they are grateful for his support. In the post, Jam For Freedom also included a photo with Eric Clapton.

The group’s other Instagram post read:

“Thank you, Eric Clapton, for lending us your bus to continue our tour. We will continue your legacy of live music.

We do this for all of you! Live music, joy, and freedom are your right! We are grateful to have the backing of one of the legends of modern music.”

Below, you can check out the photo Jam For Freedom posted on their Instagram account.

Photo Credit: Jam For Freedom – Instagram