Penn Badgley On Finding Out Whether Steven Tyler Was His Real Father

In a new episode of his Podcrushed podcast, Penn Badgley talked about how he learned about whether Steven Tyler was his real father.

The actor recalled how his ‘Gossip Girl’ co-star Blake Lively pulled a prank on him while they were filming the TV series:

“I get an email, just like, ‘There’s this press item that we’re trying to kill, but just so you know, somebody thinks or Steve Tyler thinks he’s your dad.’ I don’t remember the phrasing but I remember being like… Didn’t even think about it for a moment because who in their right mind would think that that’s true.”

How Did The Rest Of The Story Go?

Even though he didn’t believe it, Badgley’s publicist contacted him a few days later and said the story wasn’t disappearing. Then, his manager and publicist called him. They said Tyler was serious about being his supposed father. Penn continued:

“At this point, of course, I don’t think it’s true but it’s like, ‘How can Steven Tyler believe this? There’s no way! You have to be kidding. Steve Tyler of Aerosmith thinks that I’m his like illegitimate child?! What am I gonna do, talk to Steve Tyler? No, my publicist is gonna handle it because what else is gonna happen.'”

Finally, on April Fools’ Day, Badgley wasn’t thinking about pranks when Lively suggested he call his mom about the paternity situation. The actor stated:

“My mom is so not an actress, so not a prankster either, and she’s upset. I’m like, ‘Mom why are you upset?!’ And then she takes a pause, that is like, the pause that sold me, and she goes, ‘Why do you think we moved out of Maryland?'”

Badgley Realized The Truth

He was stunned for about five to seven seconds and thought that his life had completely changed. He even joked about becoming a musician like his supposed dad, Steven Tyler. But soon, he realized it was April Fools’ Day:

“I realized what day it was. The rationale kicked in.”

Badgley recalled how Lively was when he glanced at her:

“[She] couldn’t keep a straight face and I was like, ‘Ah, f*cking April Fools.'”

Badgley and Lively starred together for six seasons on ‘Gossip Girl’ as Dan ‘Lonely Boy’ Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen. They dated from 2007 to 2010 before breaking up amicably and staying friends. Badgley is now married to Domino Kirke, and Lively has four kids with her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

You can listen to the full podcast below.