Sting Targets Eric Clapton’s Controversial Views On Vaccination


Sting recently spoke to Los Angeles Times and disclosed whether he got vaccinated by recalling an infectious disease from his childhood. Also, he reacted to Eric Clapton’s ideas about vaccination, saying that it’s dangerous.

As you may recall, Eric Clapton had to face a serious backlash from both his fans and colleagues after his controversial statement about vaccination. Clapton declared that he won’t perform at the place which wanted vaccination proof to join the concert. According to him, people can’t be discriminated against because of their choices.

Therefore, Clapton was labeled an anti-vaxxer and blamed for encouraging people not to get vaccinated. His daughter Ruth Clapton defended her father, saying that he isn’t an anti-vaxxer and got vaccinated. Also, she stated that her father supports free will and called him an ‘anti-no-choice’ on her Twitter account.

During his interview, Sting was asked to share his ideas about the vaccination process and Eric Clapton’s point of view about it. He stated that he got vaccinated and believed in their effectiveness. Also, he reminded everyone of the days children were suffering from polio and were saved thanks to the vaccines. Sting criticized Eric Clapton, saying that it was dangerous to tell people not to trust the vaccines.

Sting said in his interview that:

I had no doubt about it. I’m old enough to remember polio — kids in my street who were crippled by a disease that was eradicated very quickly by vaccines. So I have no truck with people who doubt their effectiveness.

We’re all entitled to our opinions but I think that’s a dangerous thing to be telling people: ‘Don’t trust the vaccines.’ I mean, where does this come from? I’m not sure where the science is to support that.”

Therefore, it seems like Sting considers the vaccines very effective and vital for the sake of public health after witnessing polio’s effects on children. Even though the musician said that he respects everybody’s views, it is clear that he finds anti-vaxxers dangerous.