The Time Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Played ‘Am I Evil’ With Guitar During A Live Show


The legendary metal band, Metallica drummer and co-founder, Lars Ulrich appreciated by the fans of the band when he played ‘Am I Evil’ with guitar in one of the live performances of Metallica.

At that time, Ulrich proved that he was a multitalented musician again. In 2013, Metallica performed a spectacular concert at Spreckles Theater in San Diego, California for Comic-Con. During the live show, the band’s drummer, Lars Ulrich played the guitar for Metallica’s famous cover ‘Am I Evil.’

‘Am I Evil’ was originally the song of the heavy metal band, Diamond Head. The song was released in the band’s debut album, ‘Lightning to the Nations’ in 1980. The song gained international popularity and commercial success after Metallica’s cover. The cover first released on the B-side of ‘Creeping Death’ single in 1984 and later in Metallica’s compilation album ‘Grace Inc.’

After sharing the 2013 Comic-Con live show on Youtube, the fans liked Lars Ulrich’s ‘Am I Evil’ guitar performance a lot. In the comments, they appreciated his being a multitalented musician and his guitar skills. The Metallica legends’ guitar performance was found as good as his playing drums.

You can watch the video below.