Eric Clapton Criticizes Pandemic Regulations, ‘I Can’t Take This BS Any Longer’


Guitarist Eric Clapton recently protested the Covid-19 restrictions and measures, and stated that he ‘can’t take it anymore‘ with his new song.

As you may know, Eric Clapton has not been a fan of the COVID-19 regulations since the beginning of the outbreak, but his latest announcement in specific caused considerable controversy. In his statement, Eric Clapton said that he won’t perform in any shows requiring proof of vaccination. He claimed this regulation creates a discriminated audience and stated that a provision should be made for all fans to attend the shows.

Following his statements, Eric Clapton received a huge backlash. Although his daughter Ruth claimed that her father is not an anti-vaxxer but an anti-no-choice, this didn’t defuse the tension. Several musicians, such as David Crosby, Sting, or Queen’s Brian May, also reacted to Clapton’s decision negatively.

It seems like Eric Clapton is firmly against the government regulations as he even released some songs with Van Morrison to protest the pandemic restrictions, such as ‘Stand And Deliver,’ and ‘The Rebels.’ Recently, Eric Clapton announced on his Instagram that he released another protest song. The single is titled ‘This Has Gotta Stop,’ and it reflects Clapton’s thoughts on the pandemic regulations as well as expressing his exhaustion.

In the Instagram post, Eric Clapton’s announcement read:

“‘This Has Gotta Stop,’ the new single is out now! Go stream, download, and watch the video.”

Moreover, the new single’s lyrics are pretty intense and depressing. They appear to be reflecting Eric Clapton’s inner voice, which desperately wants the pandemic to stop. In the lyrics, Clapton reveals that it is enough, and he cannot take this any longer.

‘This Has Gotta Stop’s lyrics are as follows:

“This has gotta stop
Enough is enough
I can’t take this BS any longer

It’s gone far enough
If you wanna claim my soul
You’ll have to come and break down this door

I knew that something was going on wrong
When you started laying down the law

I can’t move my hands
I break out in sweat
I wanna cry
Can’t take it anymore”

You can check out the Clapton & Van Morrison collaboration on ‘The Rebel’ and Clapton’s brand-new single ‘This Has Gotta Stop’ below.