Dee Snider Explains What Really Happened To His Unreleased ‘Desperado’ Record

Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider recently shared a post on his official Twitter account and answered a fan’s question whether there will be any more demos or full songs to be released from Snider’s Desperado project.

Singer and songwriter Dee Snider gained popularity in the 80s with his heavy metal band Twisted Sister. He joined the band and became their vocalist and songwriter. Their third studio album ‘Stay Hungry‘ made the band gain prominence with hits like ‘I Wanna Rock‘ and ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It.’

The fifth studio album of Twisted Sister was initially going to be credited to Snider as it was his effort and after the touring Snider announced that he was departed from the band. It was then decided to form a new band named Desperado with musicians from Iron Maiden and Gillan but their debut album ‘Ace’ was never officially released.

On Twitter, upon the question of a fan asking, if there will be any new full songs or demos to be released by ‘Desperado’ project, Snider explained that he wrote more than a hundred songs for Desperado and that it had his proudest moments. He confirmed that the record company shelved the album and did not let Snider release the album.

Here is what Snider said in his tweet:

“Bernie Torme and I wrote over a hundred songs for that ill-fated “Desperado” record. Some of my proudest moments are on that album. Sad what Electra Records did to that record and my band. They shelved it and wouldn’t let me out of the contract to release it elsewhere.

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