Ted Nugent Names The Song On ‘Detroit Muscle’ That’ll Piss People Off

In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Ted Nugent revealed if he wrote a song on his new album, that would piss people off. He gave a lengthy answer as to why he would annoy many and named one track that would make people angry.

Aside from his music, Ted Nugent is known for making controversial statements regarding politics and lifestyle in the USA. The musician is not afraid to criticize anyone for their opinions and comments on him. He frequently streams live on his Facebook account, voicing his thoughts and judging people and his fellow musicians while people listen to his opinions curiously.

Nugent recently made a step in the music industry and released his new album, ‘Detroit Muscle’ on April 29. The album consists of eleven tracks and has been long-awaited after his 2018 album. He was asked whether he had songs that would piss anyone off in his album in a recent interview. Nugent answered with sarcasm in the beginning, stating that his existence is enough to piss people off.

The musician continued to say that he wouldn’t piss anyone aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly in the USA. He has no specific intention to annoy anybody, but his opinions about consuming alcohol and drugs have also been a topic of controversy. He wrote a song called ‘Drivin’ Blind’ in which he stands by the belief of staying sober. He wrote the other piece, ‘Come And Take It,’ which might bother people.

Here is what Nugent stated about his songs:

“Well, I think just my waking up every day is very effective at pissing people off. Because there are so many stupid people out there, but again, I say so many, they’re just a lunatic fringe, I believe. Unfortunately, they’ve got the media, big tech, academia, Hollywood, and the government to reflect their stupidity, so it looks like a much bigger force than it actually is. But when it comes to thinking people, knowledgeable people, educated people who have a modicum of understanding of our history, the good, the bad, and the ugly? I won’t piss off any of those people.

I was with the United States Marine heroes on the 246th birthday, and the love and connection I have with those great, critical thinking, disciplined warriors and their families are indicative of the asset column I dwell in with people who would take whatever risk and make whatever sacrifice necessary to be in the asset column. So that their life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness actually benefit others’ life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”

He continued:

“That’s how I gauge my actions and my functions. I know that the Michael Moores of the world are very upset that I’m so happy and that I write a song called ‘Come and Take It,’ not to mention, ‘Drivin’ Blind,’ about being clean and sober. This is my rock ‘n’ roll, and I have that to express my musical beliefs with cohorts and work ethic monsters like Greg and Jason, who share that musical vision. So I’m aware of almost everything, but I certainly don’t dwell on what I do that might piss somebody off. I literally wallow in the positive energy at the sushi bar or the feed mill or the hardware store, wherever I might go.

I am so bombarded with positive energy, love, and support. I’m aware of them, and I do everything that I can to neutralize their horrible, toxic influences. But other than being a cockroach that needs to be spotlit and stomped, they play no role in influencing my thought or deed at any time. I would write ‘Come and Take It,’ even if I didn’t have to. Even if there were no forces that are poised to come and take it, I would have just written it as a reminder. Do not try. Go ahead and try.”

You can listen to the song below.