Twisted Sister Guitarist Addresses The Dichotomy That Keith Richards And Mick Jagger Have


Jay Jay French recently appeared on the Talk Toomey podcast and talked about The Rolling Stones icons Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The musician noted that their different approach to the future made them very compatible.

While it can sometimes come naturally, it can also be a tactical game for bands to establish a synchronized dynamic between each other. It is a huge thing for 4-5 random people with different personalities to come together and unite due to the passion for music, and it takes patience and sometimes skills to keep the band going.

According to Jay Jay French, the personality differences between band members can work like a puzzle. He gave an example from The Rolling Stones and stated that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are completely opposite in thinking about the band’s future. While Jagger wakes up every day to work on his plans and live accordingly, Richards lives in the moment.

Here are Jay Jay’s words about Jagger and Richards:

“Every company needs someone smart enough to figure out a pathway, and that becomes the next issue. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger have this dichotomy. Keith Richards says the difference between him and Mick Jagger is that Mick gets up every morning and says, ‘What am I doing today, 10 days from now, 10 weeks from now?’

Keith wakes up and goes, ‘I got up this morning.’ You can have a band with a bunch of guys that go, ‘I got up this morning,’ but you need the person that’s going to say, ‘What am I doing five days from now, five years from now?’ That’s the wisdom part. Every company needs that. Otherwise, you go nowhere. It’s visionary, so you need the wisdom aspect.”

Jagger’s attitude represents vision, and the guitarist stated that at least one person in the band needs to be wise about their future. The ‘wisdom aspect’ is crucial for bands, and apparently, The Stones accomplished that well as they have been going on strong for over half a century now.