Gene Simmons Believes KISS Can Even Start A Church

Gene Simmons recently chatted with Las Vegas Review-Journal over what we might imagine a long phone call, discussing his upcoming VIP event Rio, whether KISS will have plans for a future Vegas residency, and why he could easily turn the act into a church.

The bassist is getting ready to host a VIP-only event in a luxury hotel in Rio, where he’s planning on spending some quality time with fans over a nice dinner and exclusive stage shows. The ticket for one cost around $4,000, and the last two days of the three-day event had sold out reportedly.

With this in mind, it’s surely been easy for Simmons to see how large crowds still wanted to have a piece of KISS, spending thousands of dollars only to spend a day with him in a luxury hotel. So, when the host asked the rocker if he and his bandmates had any plans regarding an upcoming residency in Vegas, Gene answered with a hopeful, ‘why not?’

For Simmons, it was clear how much people wanted to see KISS, and although they were on their ‘farewell tour,’ getting ready to say goodbye to months-long tours, he still signaled that future shows might be on their way. The rocker then discussed how KISS’ marketing success proved their commercial power as their merchandise often became sold-out hits.

He even joked, or probably not, that he wanted to sell ‘KISS air,’ talking literally about selling air while pointing out how their fans would even buy that piece of merchandise. The bassist then noted how he could easily start a church with this kind of power, having KISS fans as followers worldwide.

Simmons’ words on KISS’ successful commercialization, merchandise, and possibility of starting a church:

“We have Kiss everything — I want to sell Kiss Air. Have you seen the Kiss air-guitar strings? Just a plastic bag with nothing in it. People buy cases of them. We have condoms and caskets.

I’m thinking of a church, ‘Kiss-Tianity.’ What do you think? It’s like everything else in the Kiss empire, just throw open the doors and await the masses.”

There is no doubt that Gene is having a laugh about starting a church, jokingly emphasizing how much influence and power KISS holds through successful marketing and commercialization. Still, it’s Simmons who we are talking about, after all, and maybe, there’s always the possibility that every joke has a bit of truth.