Steve Morse Discusses ‘No Steve, No Deep Purple’ Idea

In a new chat with Peter Pardo of Sea of Tranquility, Steve Morse said he didn’t pay anyone to stop Deep Purple from going on without him.

Pardo reminded Morse of the early days when he joined Deep Purple, saying:

“I remember years ago when you first joined the band, it’s like, ‘No Ritchie [Blackmore], no Deep Purple.’ And now, all of a sudden, I’m seeing ‘No Steve Morse, no more Purple’ at this point. So it’s just interesting how that happens, how the tide turns after all that time.”

The guitarist replied:

“Well, I didn’t pay anybody to say that, but I think anybody that goes will see that Simon’s [McBride] an absolutely great player and fits in very well with them. So that’s what you’re gonna have. If you like Purple, you’re gonna have a good time seeing them. I’m sure.”

The Rocker Departed From Deep Purple In 2022

In July 2022, Morse revealed he left Deep Purple permanently to support his wife, who was battling cancer. The rocker said the following in his Facebook post:

“Last Autumn, I suddenly left the Purple writing session in Germany because my wife was having a real medical crisis. Almost a year later, we are learning to accept stage 4 aggressive cancer and chemo treatment for the rest of our lives. We both miss being at shows, but I simply couldn’t commit to long or far-away tours since things can change quickly at home. I suggested lining up a substitute guitarist last Autumn, hoping we could see the miraculous cancer cure all of us have heard about. As time passed, I could see how things were heading, though, after 28 years of being in the band.”

Simon McBride Speaks On Replacing Morse

Simon McBride was initially a temporary replacement for Morse’s absence, but after his departure, he became an official member, as the band announced in September 2022. In a 2023 chat with El Expreso del Rock, the guitarist explained how he saw himself as a natural fit for the band:

“I played with them all but never at the same time, but so yeah, and I get on very well, I know, you know, unfortunate circumstances, but I think I was kind of the natural fit for the band because, as you know I know Don [Airey]  and played with him and played with [Ian] Gillan, and I know the rest of the guys so we all get on very well and but yeah it was still when I got a call to do it I was like it it’s just a bizarre feeling I’ve never you know I was I think I was jumping for joy.”

According to Roger Glover, Deep Purple is a different band with McBride’s addition after Morse’s departure. Following the Deep Purple exit, Morse kept on performing with his solo project, the Steve Morse Band. In his solo band, bassist Dave LaRue and drummer Van Romaine joined him. Morse has shows in North America throughout April and May.

You can watch Steve’s entire chat below.