Deep Purple Became A Different Band Without Steve Morse, Roger Glover Explains

Deep Purple fans have witnessed their favorite band undergo several changes throughout the years, but maybe nothing quite like the departure of Steve Morse. In a recent interview with Brazil’s A Rádio Rock, Roger Glover, the band’s bassist, opened up about the impact of Morse’s exit on Deep Purple.

The legendary guitarist left the band last year to focus on his wife, Janine, who is battling stage 4 cancer. As a result, Purple has ushered in a new era by bringing on Simon McBride to take Morse’s place for their upcoming tour. Of course, it has not been an easy transition, as Morse had been a fixture of the band since 1994.

In his interview, Glover acknowledged that this major change has, in a way, transformed the band into something entirely new. The bassist believes that change is necessary, as doing the same thing repeatedly would be monotonous, and they’ve experienced several shifts in their long history.

According to Roger Glover, the band’s transition has been particularly exciting this time around. With Simon McBride now on board, the band has been working tirelessly on a new album, which they expect to release next year. Glover highlighted that the creative juices are flowing, and the band just can’t stop writing new material.

Here is what the musician said about continuing with a new member:

“Well, we’ve just undergone a big change because our guitarist Steve Morse had to retire from the band because he was looking after his very ill wife. And so we have a new guitarist in the band called Simon McBride. And it’s a whole experience; I mean, it’s a different band.

In a way, we have to embrace change. You can’t do the same thing over and over again, and we’ve had several changes, of course, over the years. And this one is particularly exciting. Because we’ve been working on a new album – we should have a new album out by next year. And we can’t stop writing. That’s what we do.”

As Deep Purple continues to evolve, fans appreciate the contributions of Steve Morse while welcoming Simon McBride into the fold. With this new lineup, the band is poised to create a new legacy that honors its past while venturing boldly into the future. So, buckle up, Deep Purple fans, because this new journey promises to be one heck of a ride!