The Truth Behind Robert Plant And Ian Anderson Feud

Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant is considered to be one of the greatest vocalists in rock music. In addition to his exceptional vocals, the rocker developed an attractive image as the charismatic rock-and-roll frontman thanks to his long blond curly hair and bare-chested appearance.

Since he was portrayed as a Rock God archetype, Plant wasn’t seen as an approachable artist by other musicians. Therefore, fans were quick to judge him and the Jethro Tull lead vocalist when rumors about their notorious dispute spread after their bands toured together.

The truth behind this dispute may be entirely different, and according to the artists involved in these never-ending allegations, it definitely is. Let’s take a closer look at how the first rumor was instigated and what Plant and Anderson had to say about it.

Robert Plant And Ian Anderson Allegedly Had A Dispute

It all started when Jethro Tull had the opportunity to perform as Led Zeppelin’s opening act in 1969 for an extensive US tour. The rumor was that two lead singers Robert Plant and Ian Anderson, didn’t see eye to eye while touring, which caused a dispute between them.

For decades, Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin fans considered this alleged feud to be ongoing and thought Plant and Anderson had hated each other since the 1970s. The peculiar aspect of their fight is that nobody knew what started their dispute. It was only said that they didn’t get along, and the truth was revealed years later.

Ian Anderson Said The Feud Was Fake

During an interview with Eon Music, Ian Anderson revealed the truth behind this entire situation. According to the musician, Wikipedia has an endless source of information, and a portion of them isn’t always correct. In his and Robert Plant’s case, they never had a dispute since they never interacted while touring.

During the interview, Anderson said:

“While Mr. Google is an endless source of amusement and fun, as indeed is his second cousin Mr. Wiki, we can’t always believe what we read. … Some things do get endlessly copied and pasted, and they’re based on some sort of folklorish or even scurrilous untruth in the first place. So when people ask me about my ‘feud’ with Robert Plant, then they can expect a sharp retort, because there was never a feud between me and Robert Plant. It’s one of these absurd things that seems to come up.”

The Jethro Tull frontman also revealed that they met each other sometime after they toured together. Apparently, Robert Plant wanted to reconcile, thinking the feud happened from Anderson’s perspective. Since there wasn’t a feud, to begin with, the two musicians put the whole situation behind them while the entire world considered them enemies.

In his own words, the rocker stated:

“He said, ‘I hope we can put that behind us,’ and I said, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘Whatever it as we are supposed to be feuding about,’ and I said, ‘Exactly!’ We never had a feud, because we didn’t really communicate.”

It appears that their situation was another case of rumors turned into reality in the eyes of their fans. Fortunately, both rockers were mature enough not to make a big deal out of it and settled things between each other.