Sammy Hagar Admits Writing Crazy Lyrics To Goof Around With Eddie Van Halen

As musicians grow and evolve over time, their musical styles also develop into different forms. So, where they start and how they end up are usually partially different points. For Sammy Hagar, the case was similar, as the singer fooled around with Eddie Van Halen in Van Halen and didn’t take songwriting too seriously. Still, the Red Rocker’s latest work tells a different story.

“It starts with my vocals, and I’m singing as good as I ever have,” said Hagar to Guitar World about his latest album with the Circle. “And I think I write better lyrics now than when I was in Van Halen. I mean, some of those songs were great, but a lot of times, I was clowning around because Eddie and I were always goofing off so much.”

Hagar shared his mindset when he was in Van Halen, which made the songs less meaningful and frivolous. He said, “Back then, Eddie and I were doing these crazy acrobatics where I would sing crazy lines, and he’d go nuts on the guitar. It was all about having fun when I was in Van Halen, at least in the early days. But with this record, the difference is that I didn’t goof off and throw silly lyrics into the mix. I hate to say I did that in Van Halen, but I did.”

However, the Red Rocker has progressed, and his latest release ‘Crazy Times’ perfectly showcases his growth as a musician. His new album with the Circle, released this past September, has an entirely different vibe compared to his other records. The album, which debuted at number 6 on Billboard’s Top Album charts, shows the evolution of his songwriting and ability to create more profound lyrics.