Rob Halford Thinks Running A Band Is Hard Work: ‘Bands Are So Complex and So Fragile’

Rob Halford knows running a band isn’t an easy job.

In a new interview with 103 GFB, the Judas Priest frontman talked about sobriety and running the band for over 50 years. Halford referred to bands as ‘complex and fragile’ and explained why:

“Bands are so complex and so fragile. The toughest bands in the world are like made of glass — they can just shatter and break apart for the craziest of reasons. So to be able to do this work, this job for over 50 years, I am honored and I am humbled by it. I can’t believe it, and I’m eternally grateful — I’m grateful every day that I wake up that I’m in this band, Judas Priest. What a band, what a life, what a story. So, reflection, gratitude, being kind. And it’s tough, particularly in the world that we live in. We’re surrounded by a constant screaming clutter.”

He also explained being sober helped him get a better grip on his job and his music:

“And I’m sure being sober has been a big part of my understanding of this. You’ve gotta try and find your own internal peace and harmony. And that’s tough. It’s hard work. You can’t let it go. You’re working at it all the time. So it’s a lot of that. But truly, I’m just so, like I said, grateful and honored to be in this band doing the work that I love to do, understanding the power of metal, understanding the power of rock and roll.”

Judas Priest Is ‘Always Moving Forward’

In another interview with The Daily Herald, Halford was asked if the band has ever thought about making an album with a retro vibe like their late ’70s or ’80s stuff. Though he acknowledged the ’70s music and recording state as ‘magical,’ he also explained they constantly move forward so they make their music accordingly:

“The way music was recorded in the ’70s — the instruments, the amps, the guitars, the mics, everything — was in a different state… It’s magical to listen to that then. Having said that, we’re a band that’s always moving forward, a band that’s making metal for today. We did get close to kind of recapturing some of the classic elements and sounds of Priest on this ‘Firepower’ record. I think what’s been valuable for us is to be aware of what’s going on around us and to make adjustments to what we need to do to have our place in today’s metal scene.”

You can see the interview down below.