Ted Nugent Opposes Cancel Culture, ‘Eric Clapton Didn’t Shoot The Sheriff’

Ted Nugent recently spoke to Rock Titan about songs from iconic people created in the past but are getting canceled today because of their taboo themes. He stated that just because Eric Clapton would write a song about shooting the sheriff, it doesn’t mean he shot him or supported the action. He also gave examples from The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and called those who try to cancel them ‘stupid.’

Cancel culture is a phrase that became popular in the 21st century, which gives power to the consumers of the media outlets, music, and any entertainment production. Currently, old songs and other forms of art are being analyzed and criticized based on whether their contents might offend some people or communities.

The Rolling Stones’ ‘Brown Sugar’ was released in 1971, featured in ‘Sticky Fingers.’ The song depicts themes like slavery, racism, abuse, and torture towards black women, and unlike the people in the song, Jagger sings his appreciation towards the beauty of black women. However, it has been subjected to criticism because it explores such sensitive themes, and The Stones had to remove it from their setlist.

Ted Nugent had something to say about this topic, and he shared his thoughts recently by calling the people who are offended by the song ‘stupid,’ ‘racist,’ and ‘wimps.’ He stated that this song celebrates women and no matter what, it is only a song and it doesn’t have to depict reality.

Here is what he said about ‘Brown Sugar:’

“Here in 2021, who could possibly be so feeble, so stupid, so touchy, so racist, so nasty, as to think that The Stones can’t play the song ‘Brown Sugar’ in black girls. Who doesn’t love a beautiful black girl? How can you not understand that that’s celebrating that?

Can AC/DC not sing ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap?’ There’s a little insight in for the feeble, touchy, spineless little soulless wimps out there. It’s a song.”

He continued to give examples from other musicians and their songs. Because AC/DC has songs about exploding things, it doesn’t mean they actually exploded things and ended his note by stating that Eric Clapton has a song called ‘I Shot the Sheriff,’ but he didn’t actually shoot the sheriff. He said that people should understand this and not be offended at any chance they get.

Ted Nugent continued:

“Nobody in AC/DC has ever used dynamite or TNT for anything. It’s a song. In the song ‘Street Fight Man,’ Mick Jagger is anything but a street fight man you dirtballs. How about this? Here’s a little alert for you feeble numbnuts out there. Eric Clapton didn’t shoot the sheriff. Are you kidding me? So here’s a big gesture for the touchy-feely good wimps out there, ‘Eat Me.'”

You can watch the full interview below.