John Petrucci Addresses David Gilmour’s Influence On Dream Theater’s Music

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci talked about the band’s new album during his interview with Guitar World and how Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour inspired him while composing some of the new tracks’ riffs.

As you probably know, Dream Theater had to reschedule their tour to 2021 and 2022 due to the coronavirus outbreak, so they decided to focus on their album. The band released their fifteenth studio album entitled ‘A View from the Top of the World’ on October 22, 2021. Their fans highly appreciated the record, which came amid a global pandemic.

In addition, the album’s tracks, ‘The Alien,’ ‘Invisible Monster,’ and ‘Awaken the Master’ became very popular and were listened to a lot by Dream Theater fans. After Guitar World’s Joe Bosso drew attention to ‘The Alien’s style, which features both fast-paced riffs and David Gilmouresque lead lines, Petrucci admitted that Gilmour had a great influence on him.

John Petrucci, who was inspired by rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC before he had an interest in heavy and progressive metal music, stated that he wanted to create a contrast by using both fast passed riffs and melodic ones. Also, he revealed that he gave importance to juxtaposition while composing the album’s song ‘Awaken the Master.’

Petrucci said in his interview that:

“Sure. I love mixing the two approaches. You know, the guitar is such a beautiful and expressive instrument. It allows you to be the melody cat in so many ways. When you solo, you’re the vocalist in the band for those moments. In that way, I’ve always been influenced by guys like David Gilmour, Neal Schon, and Gary Moore. They’re phenomenal at that kind of thing. You hear it on the album.

If a song is really energetic and has a lot of riffs, I put in the contrast of a beautiful melodic section. That side comes out in ‘The Alien’ and ‘Awaken the Master.’ That juxtaposition has always been very important to me.

I’ll give you my own analogy: If we were in a speedboat going full bore for a while, sometimes it’s nice to slow down and just admire the water. We would look at the scenery, the mountains; we’d just take a moment to breathe. That’s what those melody sections do. I love how the guitar allows you to experience those contrasts.”

You can listen to the songs below.