Alice Cooper Explains What Changed About Music World In These Days

The founder and lead singer of his self-titled band, Alice Cooper shared a tweet on his Twitter account quoting his own comment on the current status of the music industry which he claimed has lost the shocking effect comparing to what has been happening around the world lately.

Known as the ‘Godfather of Shock Rock,’ Alice Cooper has been working on his iconic songs and other projects for more than 50 years now. Cooper is also famous for his raspy voice and the legendary stage he and his bandmates perform on stage live. The legendary singer has been working on his 21st solo album titled ‘Detroit Stories’ which will be released on February 26, 2021.

Recently on Twitter, Alice Cooper posted a tweet quoting a statement he made in an interview he joined with Spin. In his tweet, Cooper touched upon the current status of the music industry and stated that he was writing music to shock people back in the old days. However, according to Alice, it was quite difficult to shock anyone anymore by simply writing music.

The iconic frontman mentioned that when someone turns on the news and learns what is happening around the world lately, there are only a few things to shock them more. Cooper stated that it was impossible to top the shocking effect of the current social and political happenings around the world, considering the ongoing pandemic, economic crisis, and military coups.

Here is what Alice Cooper wrote in his tweet:

“In the old days, we would write music to shock people. These days you can’t shock anyone anymore, you turn on the news, and nothing we could ever write would top that.”

You can see the tweet Alice Cooper posted on his official Twitter account below.