Why Mick Jagger Pulled A Knife At Keith Moon

A prank is funny as long as it’s happening to someone else. You wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a prank, and if you happen to be, you can just pull a knife, at least that’s what Mick Jagger did. Next time someone comes into your room with a Batman mask on, think to yourself, what would Jagger do? There is your answer. Just kidding, maybe start by screaming for help. That would do the trick. Now, let’s get into the details of what happened to Jagger one spooky night in a hotel room.

The Who’s Keith Moon was the prankster of pranksters if we ever did see one. You might think otherwise, but the drummer was a walking story waiting to be told. So we will get right into the prank he pulled on Mick Jagger, which might convince you that he brought fun into every room.

Jagger recalled how he got pranked by Keith ‘the nutcase’ while speaking to Howard Stern in 2021. He said, “Keith was a complete lunatic. I was in Los Angeles in a hotel once, and I was asleep, and he broke into my room dressed as Batman. I woke up, and Batman was in front of me, complete with a mask and everything. It’s not quite what you expect in the middle of the night.”

What started like any other night turned into Mick Jagger pulling his knife in readiness for intruders. You can’t be too prepared for anything, especially when hotel security isn’t up to par with what a Rolling Stone would need.

Mick was taken aback by what had just happened and mentioned to Stern that he had ‘some sort of defensive weapon’ on him. Once Moon acknowledged he was in danger, he tried to defuse the situation by shouting at Jagger, “It’s Keith! It’s Keith!” However, the rocker was confused because he assumed the man in a Batman mask was Keith Richards rather than Keith Moon.

The frontman recalled, “I said, ‘You’re not Keith; I can tell you’re not Keith by your voice.’ He said, ‘No, Keith Moon, Keith Moon!’ and took his mask off.” That was the end of a night that could have gone terribly wrong, but it also was a funny story added to Moon’s repertoire of hilarious stories.

You might be familiar with Moon’s infamous costumes with which he would walk around town. He liked the thrill it gave walking down streets dressed as a bald priest screaming at old ladies. Once, he even staged his kidnapping in London.

As he was walking down Oxford Street disguised as the bald priest, two gangsters, actually actors, dragged him kicking and screaming into a waiting Rolls-Royce, which also belonged to the drummer. The prank was so well done that the police stopped the car before the gangsters could run. So there is no doubt that Keith Moon deserved the title of king of pranks alongside his day job as a drummer.