Neal Schon Responds To Criticism Over Journey’s Private Show For Oil Companies

Neal Schon recently replied to a criticizing tweet after Journey took the stage at a private show in Las Vegas hosted by an oil company.

After Schon shared a video from the party on his Twitter and tagged the hosting oil company as a courtesy, a Journey fan responded to the tweet, criticizing how playing for an oil company seemed like a questionable move. The guitarist was then quick to reply and dismiss the criticism, reasoning why working with an oil giant didn’t feel wrong.

The fan’s tweet followed:

“I’m a Journey die-hard fan, but private gigs for big oil companies…?”

Neal’s answer stated:

“It’s a 1 off private. Why not?”

The rant didn’t last for long as the fan didn’t fuel [pun intended] the conversation further, though it seems that Schon has no trouble with collaborating with oil companies and entertaining guests at private parties.

Neil Young, on the other hand, is keen on not performing anywhere as long as it’s ‘guilt-free’ and environmentally sustainable, and you can easily see how the Canadian rocker and Schon might differ on this topic. So, check out how Young is on a mission to change the stage ethics for good.