Neil Young Shares His Plan To Start Touring Again

When was the last organic sandwich you ate during a concert? Can’t remember? Well, Neil Young might be on his way to solving this problem along with other sustainability problems. During a recent chat with the New Yorker, Young discussed his plan to perform environment-friendly gigs and help local farmers out.

“Well, I have a plan,” said Neil as he answered how art might battle climate change. “I’ve been working on it with a couple of my friends for about seven or eight months. We’re trying to figure out how to do a self-sustaining, renewable tour. Everything that moves our vehicles around, the stage, the lights, the sound, everything that powers it, is clean. Nothing dirty with us.”

He further mentioned the structure of his touring plan. Young continued, “We set it up; we do this everywhere we go. This is something that’s very important to me if I’m ever going to go out again… and I’m not sure I want to. I’m still feeling that out. But, if I’m ever going to do it, I want to make sure that everything is clean.”

The singer added, “What was the last thing you remember eating at a show, and how good was it? Was it from a farm-made, homegrown village? I don’t think so. It was from a factory farm that’s killing us. I’ve been working on this idea of bringing the food and the drink, and the merch into the realm where it’s all clean. I will make sure that the food comes from real farmers.”

For Neil, this plan and concept had to go on without him. He addressed, “Once it’s up and going, and I’m finished with my part of the tour, there’s no reason why the tour has to stop. The tour can keep on going with another headliner. It’s about sustainability and renewability in the future, loving Earth for what it is. We want to do the right thing. That’s kind of the idea.”

Neil Young wants to battle climate change while helping rock fans enjoy a show in a healthier environment. With the climate change threat significantly impacting Earth, many artists have been trying to change their ways of performing too. Several acts have been using sustainable stages and equipment, and with his plan, Young showed his respect for climate, music, and community.