Neil Young Shares His One Condition To Continue Touring

As the increasing environmental catastrophes have shown, human beings’ insensitivity towards nature has been detrimental. Neil Young realized early on that we have a great responsibility toward the environment, and he is doing his best to live accordingly. The legendary musician hasn’t performed live since 2019 as a part of his decision not to support unreliable venues. Judging by his recent interview with Q’s Tom Power, he may continue to perform, but the venue’s circumstances and stance will determine that.

“I’ve seen too much,” he said, referring to all the concerts he has performed in his long career and the venues where these shows took place. “I can’t do it. I believe in what I believe, and it’s grounded in science. I know what’s going on on the planet, what caused it, and what we’re continuing to do, and I cannot support buildings, organizations, and companies that will not change that. If they change it, then I can consider going.”

He really cares about eating sustainably, and he doesn’t want to compromise while running from now show to another. In addition, in a recent conversation with CBC Radio, he had said that he would not play in the venues fed by factory farming. He seems to stand behind this decision and has even reached the point where these concerns weaken his bond with the live performances that have been a big part of his life until now.

Neil Young has had these concerns since the mid-’80s and is trying to do something about it personally. In fact, he was one of the names who helped establish the annual Farm Aid concerts in 1985, and he gave one of his last shows in 2019 at one of these yearly concerts. While his decision to cease live performances may upset many, it is also a very responsible and inspirational attitude to raise awareness.