Surviving Criticism and Misconduct: Simple Plan’s Remarkable Story

Simple Plan, a Canadian pop-punk band, has been rocking the music scene since the late 90s. They’ve gained a massive following and even created their own foundation to give back to the community. But, like many bands, they’ve had their share of ups and downs. They’ve been on the headlines with some unfortunate events that could have been a reason for them to be canceled, but they survived. In this article, we’ll dive into five of these events, shedding light on the lesser-known aspects of the band’s history.

1. The Name

Originally, the band didn’t have a set name, and they considered calling themselves Touchdown 999. However, it was Bouvier’s friends who chose the name Simple Plan, derived from the 1998 film of the same name. They needed to pick a name for their first show, so a friend who had seen the movie the night before suggested it. The band figured they’d change it later, but for unknown reasons, they never did. This made them start off their musical life with some level of indecisiveness for their image.

2. The Wishing Ill On Others

Sebastien Lefebvre, the band’s guitarist is known to take pleasure in other people’s misfortune, a fact circulating in Simple Plan fan blogs. Though there isn’t a direct quote from him on this, the band’s fans seem to have dug deep to find this information. Wishing ill on others or taking pleasure from it can be something that karma might bring back to you.

3. The Lies

Desperate to get their names to the top, the band started creating pop-punk songs and sending out letters to record labels to get signed. Chuck even called around 55 record labels in the States, pretending to be Simple Plan’s manager using his mother’s surname, and lying about how big Simple Plan already was, selling out venues, and so many other things that might have given them a horrible name at the beginning of their career. However they survived this too but admitted it later when everything worked out well for them.

4. The Critics

Music critics weren’t as kind to Simple Plan’s look as the millions of fans on MTV’s popular vote-in television show TRL. However, the band disregarded any negativity. The critics’ comments could have been a reason for the band to get canceled, but their resilience kept them going.

As they said about the criticism:

“We are who we are, and we just tried to write the best songs possible.”

5. The Desrosiers Issue

The most significant issue that might have led to the band’s cancellation was David Desrosiers’ departure from Simple Plan after being accused of sexual misconduct on social media. Prior to that, Desrosiers had taken a break from the band between the years 2017-2019 to focus on going through his depression. When he later joined the band, the horrible news of sexual abuse emerged. The fan who was the victim of the crime spoke up about her horrible experience with the bassist, leading to Simple Plan’s reaction and Desrosiers’ removal from the band. He eventually decided to withdraw from the band and seek professional help to educate himself and act appropriately in the future.

The fan spoke up about her horrible experience with the bassist:

“He started making jokes when I was a minor, soon after I came of age he started to run after me for sex. I’ve never slept with a guy in my life. We had consensual sex, but he started to invite his friends, without asking me in ‘ass trips’ in which I didn’t want to participate. Put under the spotlight I said nothing. He had already threatened to go to the police because I dared speak up on the way he acted. If I refused to sleep with him, he would always put me down, put down my boyfriend or say, ‘How can you say no? You don’t have other things to do.’

He chooses his prey in the fans of his band, so that they are silent and believe that the way he treats them is normal. He plays with threats, threatens to prevent a fan from going to a show, or take her out of a show if she has done something that he doesn’t like. I know there are dozens of girls who are afraid to talk about it because he’s in a big band, but that doesn’t prevent his behavior from being gross and he should be held accountable for it.”

After her story went viral on Twitter, Simple Plan reacted:

“Following recent public statements, David Desrosiers is withdrawing from the band in order to work on his personal issues. We offer our deepest apologies to the women who were hurt by his actions. We are also sorry for all our fans who are disappointed by this regretful situation. We will, as a band, take time to pause, reflect and put in place guidelines to prevent similar situations from happening.”

Desrosiers said:

“Recent public statements have led me to acknowledge that some of the interactions I have had with women have caused them harm. I have decided to withdraw from the band and seek professional help to educate myself and act appropriately in the future. I am truly sorry for the harm I have caused to these women.”

Make Up For It

Despite the unfortunate events and misconduct over the years, Simple Plan has managed to make amends and continue their journey. Their good deeds, like the creation of the Simple Plan Foundation, which focuses on teen problems ranging from suicide to poverty to drug addiction, have undoubtedly helped their reputation. As of 9 December 2005, the Simple Plan Foundation had raised more than $100,000. The band’s commitment to giving back to the community and their resilience has kept them going, even in the face of adversity.