Wolf Van Halen Says Eddie Van Halen Would Be Pissed If He Plays His Songs Live

Wolfgang Van Halen joined The Eddie Trunk Podcast for an interview during which he claimed his father Eddie Van Halen would be pissed off if he heard him play his songs on the stage.

Although Wolfgang stated he is now following his own career path with Mammoth WVH, his fans have continued to expect him to play Van Halen songs during concerts, sound more like Van Halen, and be like his father. Exhausted from fans’ criticisms and expectations, Wolfgang has stated numerous times that he won’t be like Van Halen.

In his social media accounts, Wolfgang responds to these criticisms in a sarcastic manner. For instance, when one of his followers on Twitter asked him to play ‘Eruption,’ Wolf posted a video of him playing the song and said it would be funnier to record the bass line of ‘Eruption,’ which is just 4 notes.

During the shows of Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang wants to play his own songs while fans endlessly demand him to play Van Halen’s. In the interview on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Wolfgang talked about this issue and said the fans think he doesn’t play Van Halen songs because he hates them. He then said he doesn’t, and the only thing he said is he won’t play any VH song at a Mammoth WVH show.

Following that, Wolfgang said he won’t use Van Halen songs to boost his solo career, and he is going to be himself. Trying to make it clear, the musician stated again that there won’t be any Van Halen song in a Mammoth WVH setlist. He then added that his father Eddie would also be pissed off if he did since he would think Wolf has a good music catalog to play at his own shows.

During his appearance on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Wolfgang Van Halen said the following:

“I think it’s really important that I’ve proved myself and I make my case. I’d like to reiterate, there’s a lot of people who take my stuff out of context and they are all like ‘You just hate Van Halen stuff, that’s why you don’t play them for us. No, all I’ve ever said is you won’t hear any Van Halen song at a Mammoth show.

You know, like if Guns N’ Roses in the last show had been like ‘You want to play ‘Runnin’ With The Devil’?’, I’d be like ‘Hell yeah, let’s do it.’ But at a Mammoth show, I’m not gonna use Van Halen material to bolster my solo career. I’m gonna be myself and get over it.”

He then continued:

“I guess I need to reiterate my statement then. You won’t hear a Van Halen song in a Mammoth set. There will never be a Mammoth setlist that has a Van Halen song. My dad would be pissed [if that happened]. He’d go ‘What the fuck are you doing? He would be like ‘I love your music, why would you do this?‘”

Earlier this summer, Mammoth WVH, and the American rock band Dirty Honey opened for Guns N’ Roses. In January 2022, both Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey will embark on the Young Guns co-headlining tour which will begin on January 21 in Chicago and conclude on March 5 in Indio, California.