Brian Welch Admits That His Struggle With Drug Addiction Made Him Say Weird Things While Leaving Korn

Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch spoke in a recent interview with NME and talked about the days when he left Korn back in 2005.

As you might already know, Brian Welch decided to leave Korn due to the lifestyle they were living like rock stars after having a child, and he returned to the band after eight years in 2013.

In the conversation, Brian Welch admitted that he was coming off the drug addiction back in those days and pointed out that he was saying crazy things to the band because of that.

Furthermore, Brian mentioned that he had the courage to step down from the band for the sake of his child and said that everybody respected him because of this decision.

Here is what Brian Head Welch said:

“When I left Korn, I was kind of the laughing stock of the rock world and whatnot. And I was coming off a drug addiction so I was crazy, saying weird things… But I had the courage; people respect my courage to walk away from the band on behalf of my little child, you know?

That was it; and yes, I found the faith and I did all that but it was the respect of a father that had so much love for his little girl, that he made a huge sacrifice and a huge… just exit from success and fame and everything, to focus on her.

So a lot of people have been touched by that and I’ve seen the coolest thing is – I’ve seen a lot of dads thank me because they became better fathers because of what they watched me go through and whatnot. And that’s priceless, you know?”

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