Taylor Momsen Opens Up About The ‘Traumatic’ Night When Chris Cornell Passed Away

The Pretty Reckless frontwomen Taylor Momsen opened up about the time when Soundgarden lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell passed away due to suicide after a show which opening act was The Pretty Reckless, apparently, losing Cornell was heavier than Momsen has expected.

As many of you know, Chris Cornell’s bodyguard found him unconscious in the bathroom of his hotel room after performing at a show with Soundgarden at the Fox Theatre on May 17, 2017. Cornell was lying on the floor with a band around his neck and blood in his mouth which revealed that the cause of death was a suicide by hanging.

That show at the Fox Theatre also included The Pretty Reckless as an opening act for Soundgarden and during a recent interview, frontwomen Taylor Momsen opened up about what really happened that night. Apparently, she said goodbye to Chris and gave him a hug before he left in order to go to his hotel.

After hanging out with other band members, all of The Pretty Reckless members including Taylor Momsen found out that Chris Cornell committed suicide after leaving them which was a traumatic incident for Taylor as she revealed and stated that she started crying the minute she saw the news.

Here is what Momsen said:

It was traumatic. We were there that night in Detroit when Chris died. We played the show with Soundgarden; we were opening for them. I said goodbye To Chris, gave him a hug. We stayed in the parking lot hanging out with the rest of the band — with Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd — all night long, till bus call, and drove off to the next city. And we woke up the next morning to the news. And the weight on the bus was so unbelievably heavy. I woke up to just everyone in the front lounge crying and in utter shock.”

Taylor Momsen also revealed how she mentally survived from that state of mind during the interview, apparently, despite the fact that it sounds cliche, she turned into music in order to find support for herself when she was down. She made the decision to move forward and started working on the brand new album of her band, ‘Death by Rock and Roll.’

Here is what Taylor said:

“I’ll say it again — as cliché as it sounds, it really was music that was the thing that I turned to. I say it’s my best friend because when you’ve lost everything, music has always been the thing that supported me and it’s always been there for me and it’s never let me down. And I think this was certainly a time in my life where I was testing those boundaries. I had to kind of make a conscious decision whether it was death or move forward, and I chose to move forward and start working on this album.”

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