QOTSA Guitarist Compares Josh Homme To Maynard James Keenan

Troy Van Leeuwen, the guitarist for Queens Of The Stone Age, compared his bandmate Josh Homme to TOOL and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan in a recent interview with Revolver. Having worked with both names, he explained:

“Both of those guys are good at the long game, making plans and seeing them through. Maynard’s more precise and more deliberate, where Josh has more of a creative flair, where the ideas are maybe a little more outlandish and not as safe.”

He continued:

“They’re very much alike because it doesn’t matter how you get to that point. The styles are just different.”

Leeuwen played in A Perfect Circle for three years before joining Queens Of The Stone Age. The guitarist only took place in one A Perfect Circle album, named ‘Mer de Noms’, and recorded three songs for the next album, ‘Thirteenth Step’.

After his time was over with the band, he auditioned for a spot for Queens Of The Stone Age. Outperforming Jeordie White, Marilyn Manson’s former tour guitarist, Leeuwen joined the band as their second guitarist and has been playing with them ever since.

Read the interview here.