Lauri Ylönen Says New Rasmus Guitarist Emppu Will Take The Band To The Next Level

The Rasmus’ Lauri Ylönen recently joined a Q&A and answered a question about their new lineup change after Paul Rantasalmi’s departure. He stated that Emppu joining the band with her talents will carry The Rasmus to a whole new level.

The Rasmus was formed in 1994 with the members Lauri Ylönen, Eero Heinonen, Pauli Rantasalmi, and Jarno Lahti. The first changes in the band occurred when Lahti left and was replaced by Janne Heiskanen. Heiskanen also quit the band three years later and gave his spot to Aki Hakala. The band continued their career with this lineup until this year and reached success by selling five million albums worldwide.

However, this year, Paul Rantasalmi announced his departure from the band with an emotional message. He stated that he is seeking new adventures but will always be grateful for the band. Hence, The Rasmus hired Emilia ‘Emppu’ Shonen to replace Rantasalmi. They announced her joining the band in an Instagram post recently, but apparently, the guitarist has been working with them secretly for a while.

According to the band’s lead vocalist Lauri Ylönen, Emppu will have a lot of contribution to the band and take them to the next level. He appreciated her talents, personality, and energy while having full confidence in her. The band is generally excited to work with someone new, and Ylönen stated that Emppu was what they needed as a band at this point.

Here is what he said about Emppu:

“Emppu, this is big news. She’s been in the band for a while already. We just had to keep it a secret until this day. It’s been really fun to play the old songs with her. She’s a very good guitarist, and she’s so energetic and has such a great personality. So, she really puts the band on the next level.

It’s so much fun, and it feels like the beginning of something new. We have been together for a long time as a group but I feel like there’s something we really need at this point. It’s great to have her.

You can watch the interview below.